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Posted: January 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Selasa (04.01.2010)

Kami membincangkan hasil pembelajaran dari kursus ini. Antara hasil pembelajaran tersebut ialah pelajar dapat :

(1) analisis Kurikulum Sains Sekolah Menengah dan berupaya mengaitkannya dengan pengetahuan sains, pengetahuan pedagogi dan berkebolehan mengajara secara berkesan.
(2) Menterjemah teori pembelajaran berkaitan dengan sains sekolah menengah dan mengaplikasinya dalam pendekatan dan kaedah mengajar.
(3) Mengaplikasi pendekatan pengajaran sains dan berupaya melaksanakan pengajaran sains.

Khamis (06.01.2011)

Kami mempelajari apa yang dimaksudkan dengan sains. Hasil pembelajaran kami adalah seperti berikut :

What is science?

Systematic knowledge which can be tested and proven by it’s truth…

Knowledge about the world, especially based on examination and testing, and on facts that can be proven.

So, science is
(i) Knowledge
(ii) Skills
(iii) Values

Then, the meaning of science can be divided into three :
(i) PROCESS – e.g. skills (basic & integrated)
(ii) PRODUCT – e.g. fact, concept, principle, law, theory
(iii) ATTITUDE – e.g. in the form of emotion and intellect

Characteristics of scientific knowledge (Rubba & Anderson, 1978):

(I) Amoral
Science cannot be said to be morally good or bad. Misuse of Science and Technology that causes moral dilemma.

(II) Creative
Knowledge is the product of human activity and creativity. Science should be used for developing new ideas for problem solving.

(III) Developing
Scientific knowledge is tentative, incertitude. Our understanding of science is built on the result of the past investigation.

(IV) Parsimony
Scientist explain natural phenomena in simple and coherent tersm as such science is easy to understand.

(V) Tested
Science knowledge can be tested. When a Scientific discovery reported, other scientists would repeat the experiment or investigation

(VI) United
Scientific concepts, laws and theories are interrelated and can be applied in all scientific field.

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