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Posted: January 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Selasa (18.01.2011)

Hasil pembelajaran kami pada hari tersebut adalah seperti berikut :

-Behaviourisme melihat kepada ‘product’ iaitu perubahan sikap para pelajar selepas menjalani proses pembelajaran.

-Constructivism melihat kepada ‘process’ iatu bagaimana seseorang itu belajar untuk memahami sesuatu konsep.


  • Facts – foundation for concepts, principles, and theories. What truth is defined.

Eg. “wires of different thickness have different electrical resistance”

  • Concepts – an abstraction of events, objects, or phenomena that seem to have certain properties or attributes in common

Eg. A force is given to an object in motion because force is determined by the mass of the object and the acceleration (speed and direction) with which it moves.

  • Principles– composed of concepts and facts and related to observable phenomena

eg: Hot air expand, Archimedes principle

  • Laws: more stable than principles

eg: Law of conservation of energy

  • Theories – explain why phenomena occur as they do

eg: quantum theory


Teaching Concepts

 Giving examples and non-examples

 The use of advance organizer such as concept maps

 The use of images and analogies

 The use of various presentation such as models and symbols

 The use of experiments






Khamis (20.01.2011)


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