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Berikut merupakan hasil pembelajaran kami pada hari tersebut :

Science, Technology and Society

Science technology and society is the study of the impact that is made when science, technology and society combine. The combination of these fields has existed since the first inventions, such as the wheel, and continued throughout the years as the printing press and computers were created. Soon the impact that one field had on the other began to change the way that people viewed fields as separate entities and became one area of study all together. In order to fully understand the topic of science technology and society, one must first understand the definitions of each individual part.

Science is defined as knowledge of general truths. It may also refer to a skilled technique, technology or practice. Science utilizes the scientific method in order to prove its general truths.

Technology is the application or usage of knowledge in a particular area. It can also be a specialized field.

A Society is a collection of relationships between individuals, including different economic, cultural, or political properties with a common end or goal; it can be a community and also a social group or organization.

When these three things are combined, it is learned that science technology and society is the application of a skilled technique or a general truth and how it affects our society and vice versa. Science and technology has impacted our society in such a large number of ways that its evidence is everywhere. Just think of the telephone, ever since it was invented society desired a more mobile way to communicate with people, hence the invention of the mobile phone.

The same can be said about the mail, as now there are more emails sent in one day than there are articles of mail sent via the post office in one year. The effects that science & technology have on society can be both intended and unintended, and both outcomes can be equally important.

Some of these effects are as follows: Values are changed because expectations and reality are changed. Some state that Ethics are also affected, in cases such as capitol punishment, abortion and euthanasia that have arrived due to technology and/or science. Technology is also said to simplify people’s lifestyles by which it is easier to gain information via the internet, attend classes via kallianceand more specialized jobs being created to support the new inventions.

Science technology and society is more than just the sum of its parts. It is our way of life. Society demands products and inventors must create them in order to appease us. And because the growth of technology tends to create more jobs, the need for certified professionals is vast. Certification can be obtained in many different forms of which e-learning is one.

The key goals of STS are:


  • An interdisciplinary historical institutionalism (HI) approach to science education, where there is a seamless integration of economic, ethical, social and political aspects of scientific and technological developments in the science curriculum.
  • Engaging students in examining a variety of real world issues and grounding scientific knowledge in such realities. In today’s world, such issues might include the impact on society of: global warminggenetic engineeringanimal testingdeforestation practices, nuclear testing and environmental legislations, such as the EU Waste Legislation or the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Enabling students to formulate a critical understanding of the interface between science, society and technology.
  • Developing students’ capacities and confidence to make informed decisions, and to take responsible action to address issues arising from the impact of science on their daily lives.



Mastery  learning

•An approach that ensures all learners are able to acquire and master the intended learning outcomes
•Based on the principle that learners are able to learn
•learners learn on their own pace
•Elements of remedial and enrichment activities


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